Cops’ Selfie Sensation

Via Buzzfeed:

Two Tasmanian police officers have gone viral after taking a selfie with a dude’s phone, who they politely chose to drop home after he had one too many drinks during a night out.


Reece Park, from Launceston, Tasmania, was out at a local pub on Saturday night before heading to a nightclub with friends. “I don’t remember anything after that,” he told BuzzFeed News.


Reece woke up on Sunday morning believing he had caught a taxi home – but the taxi company he had called on Saturday night actually contacted local police and asked for help. “I didn’t know [police] took me home at all and only found the selfie on Sunday night,” he said.


So far the police selfie has gone viral on Reddit, where it has picked up tens of thousands of upvotes, and Reece says he has seen the picture everywhere.


“I chucked the photo up [and] then five hours later I started to notice,” he said.


Senior sergeant Craig Fox of the Northern District branch of Tasmanian Police said that, while its not normal for police to drive drunk people home, they were simply looking for a place of safety for Reece.


“On this occasion, police were contacted by a taxi company for assistance in getting the man home. When police arrived, they found out his address, took the man home and waited for a friend to arrive to look after him,” he said. “Because he was a bit worse for wear, our officers took the opportunity to record the moment with a selfie in the likely event he could not remember how he got home.”


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