Cops and Kids

Via Cleveland’s Fox News 8:

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Going above and beyond. A touching photo of a Cincinnati police officer, and a toddler is going viral after it was posted on Facebook.


Officer Daniel Hils said when the 3-year-old boy was found wandering the streets, officers opened up their hearts to him.


Officer Hils said the child needed clothes so Officer Jamie Landrum bought him a coat, pants, shoes and fresh diapers.


In the touching photo, Hils said Officer Will Nastold is trying to help the little boy take a nap.


The Cincinnati Police Department posted the photo to its Facebook page, and said: “Sometimes our officers are called upon to protect and serve, but sometimes they are the guardians of our neighborhoods. So thankful that our officers in District 3 had the heart and mind to help this three year boy in his time of need.”


According to FOX 19, a relative is caring for the child after his mother was arrested.


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