Photographer overwhelmed with professionalism of police

Every citizen everywhere should watch this video. If you have a YouTube channel for your association or agency post it right away. Every cop everywhere has had to deal with guys like this idiot who was drunk at a train station and causing a disturbance. The entire interaction was photographed by a bystander who was so overwhelmed with the professionalism of these LAPD officers, that he posted the video on YouTube and entitled it: “LAPD’s Sgt. Joel Miller deserves praise.” You can see Sgt. Miller’s conversation with the photographer around 4:35 minutes. It gets good again around 19:00 where an officer explains to the photographer how important these “quality of life” issues are to the public and how the police cannot allow a drunk to scream obscenities in a place where there are a lot of children in particular. Finally all this photo taking has helped the police not hurt them.

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