Pizzagate 2.0

This isn’t about the fake news from conspiracy websites alleging a multinational pedophilia ring being run out of a D.C. pizza joint. This is about free pizza for traffic cops in Utah.

The allegations say Sicilia Pizza in the Salt Lake gave at least four cops free pizza in exchange for amnesty on illegal parking.

The total figure for the lost revenue in the kickback scheme is about $20 thousand.

“If I see a menu of the restaurant in the lower left-hand corner of the vehicle, it is either an employee or the owner’s (of the restaurant) vehicle and we are not to cite those vehicles,” Clegg told reporters.

If you’re ever in Lower Manhattan, be sure to stop by Joe’s for a cheese slice- best in the city.

He added that “it got to the point that we just go in the back (of the restaurant) and get what you want, so we would go behind the counter and get our own pizza.”

The scheme came to light during an internal investigation probe of Clegg’s firing.

Clegg says he was fired for reporting bullying in the workplace, but that it also might have something to do with the pizza.

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