Please stop rapping!

There are a ton of local law enforcement agencies trying to harness the power of social media for the purpose of positive public relations.

Some of the videos that police agencies produced that went viral include the “Cop sings Taylor Swift on dashcam,” and “Chewbacca stars in police recruitment video.”

Most of the time these videos are good for a laugh but sometimes they go horribly wrong.

For instance, members of an NYPD precinct posted a video of them “rapping about the job.”

It’s hard to find the words to describe just how hard this is to watch.

But if you ever wanted to see people rap so poorly that they make the Chicago Bears’ “Superbowl Shuffle” sound like Eminem just click the link below.

Warning: You can not unwatch or unhear any of this after the fact so if you’re a Rahkim or Biggie Smalls fan it’s probably best not to torture yourself.

It’s one thing to use social media to let civilians know that “cops are people too.” It’s something else entirely to subject innocent people to this kind of thing.

Warning! This is really, really, really awful.



What’s worse is that the “Commanders in Chief” is a deputy inspector (appointed promotion following the civil servant rank of captain), and during the bicyclist attack by an Islamist Radical in NYC was more interested to find out who the cop was that’s called the initial 10-85 in order to jam the cop up. Subsequently he was verbally reprimanded by a chief to shut up. Not only should he lose his command (7th Pct), he should be busted to captain and placed behind a desk at the property clerk until he retires. One PP (NYPD hq) did not authorize this video, nor is the brass very happy about this failure to properly command. The aforementioned information comes from a high level source at 1PP

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