Point Blank Honors Officer

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Yesterday, Point Blank honored Deputy Abdullah Bholat for his bravery and dedication in serving his community in Paris, Kentucky. Mike Lafferty, Manufacturer’s representative along with representatives from RJ Wagner presented Officer Bholat with the Point Blank National SAVES Recognition Award. The company is proud to have had the opportunity to show our appreciation for his service and providing his life saving body armor.

BOURBON COUNTY, Ky (LEX 18) — Last October, a then-Paris police officer came incredibly close to serious injury or even death when he was shot in the line of duty. He told LEX 18 that an inch of protection saved his life.

Deputy Abdullah Bholat now works for the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, but he was with the Paris Police Department when he experienced firsthand just how dangerous the job can be.

“I do reflect back on it and how fortunate I was,” said Deputy Bholat.

On the night of October 18th, officers went to a home to talk to a man about a reported burglary. They say that when they arrived on scene, 24-year-old Charles Stidham opened fire on the officers. One of the rounds hit Bholat.

He was struck towards the bottom of his vest. The bullet became lodged in the vest.

If he had been shot an inch lower, it may have been fatal.

“I was thankful, very thankful that I had that vest on. Without that vest I might not be here today or in a lot worse condition,” said Bholat.

His new boss just outfitted all the deputies with a new style of vests.

Deputy Bholat said that his bulletproof vest will always be a part of his uniform.

“I wear it every day. I was told in the academy it’s a cheap form of life insurance,” said Bholat.

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