Pursuit Fatalities Up


From USA Today:

The number of people killed in high-speed police chases surged in 2014 to its highest level since 2007 despite efforts by police departments to reduce the risks of people getting killed and injured, a USA Today analysis shows.


A total of 385 people died in motor-vehicle crashes in 2014 that occurred while police were chasing a vehicle, up 16% from the 333 people killed in 2013, the USA Today review of federal records shows.


“A huge percentage of these deaths are unnecessary,” said Jonathan Farris, former chairman of PursuitSAFETY, which advocates to restrict police chases and improve reporting of chase-related deaths and injuries. Farris’ son Paul, 23, was killed in 2007 near Boston by a motorist being chased for a traffic violation.


Approximately 73 of the people killed in 2014 were bystanders — mostly people in their own cars that were hit by a fleeing motorist — and 77 were passengers in the fleeing vehicles. Twelve of those killed were children age 14 or younger, including an infant who had not yet turned one. Five were police officers.



Sad thing is, most people don’t run from police for minor traffic infractions. Many criminals who have committed serious crimes have been caught. We want police to enforce laws to keep us safe from criminals, yet we tie their hands in so many ways to prevent the criminals from being brought to justice. Even when they are arrested, so many receive a slap on the wrist and courts turn them back on the streets.

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