Nice Work, Bro!

More often than not, the liberal, drive-by media likes to post and publish negative stories about police instead of positive ones.

There are exceptions, of course, like when cops save a bunch of ducklings, or when the officer involved is unusually attractive or happens to get caught lip-synching on the dash cam.

But for the most part, cops know that the media has very little interest in a small story about a young cop that recently helped out an autistic kid on a call recently.

The kid had wandered off from school and people called 9-11 to make sure he was okay.

When the officer made contact with the young man, he was armed with good information about the kid’s autism and went above and beyond to make the kid feel safe and get him back to school.

The lesson here is simple: whether or not you’re dealing with someone with special needs, humor and laughter are probably the most underrated tools on a cop’s belt.



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