VIDEO: Outstanding Work, Officer

There are a lot of things that cops have to do on the job that they can train for in order to be prepared.

But there’s also lots of good material out there in the form of YouTube videos that officers can use to improve their skill sets on their own.

Talking down a suicidal subject is about as challenging as it gets.

And while cops are not therapists or mental health professionals, they frequently are the ones that make contact with people seeking to end their lives and more often then not do an incredible job.

One of the keys to successful outcomes in these cases seems simple, but it’s a hard thing to do.

The officer in this video gets the subject talking about football, and that’s what appears to have made all the difference.

While it’s true that we ask cops to do too much, it’s nice to know there are some really talented police officers out there who do this kind of thing every day.

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