Police Pay to Decrease


If you’ve looked at a newspaper recently—or, more likely, Facebook, where an increasing number of people are getting their “news”—you may have seen an article or two about what officials describe as a national police recruitment crisis.

There are several theories floating around about why it’s becoming so hard to attract qualified candidates for careers in law enforcement.

Yesterday, the big police recruitment crisis headline was out of Idaho: “Anti-cop Sentiment, Legalized Pot Contribute to Idaho’s LE Decline.”

These are popular theories, that drug tests and negative media coverage are turning young people off to pursuing careers as police officers.

But there’s another big reason why it’s getting harder to find bodies.

A 22-year-old kid might want to pursue law enforcement as a line of work, regardless of what many describe as “the war on cops.”

But what are the odds that young man or woman will still be interested after hearing about bonuses being eliminated and radical reductions in pay?

The big selling points for a career in law enforcement have traditionally been stability, a decent paycheck, and a guaranteed, secure pension.

Those days are over, volunteers are all over the place, and the certified police officers of tomorrow are re-evaluating their priorities.


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