Coffee Clash


Via the New York Post:

The city’s largest police union ruined Mayor de Blasio’s first cup of morning java, staging multiple protests Tuesday — including outside his favorite Park Slope coffee shop — calling on Hizzoner to give cops a hefty 34 percent pay hike to offset ever-rising cost of living expenses in the Big Apple.


“We want him to support NYC police officers, pay us as professionals, staff us properly and equip us so we can equip ourselves and protect the public as well. He’s refused to do that,” Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President, Pat Lynch, told a gaggle of reporters outside Gracie Mansion.


Lynch vowed that his members would be showing up at all of the maCoffeeyor’s favorite morning haunts.


“We understand how his schedule goes, he leaves here Gracie Mansion; drives off to Brooklyn into Park Slope and goes to the gym. So we have our members here at Gracie Mansion, we have them at Park Slope and we have them at the coffee shop – where he likes to have his coffee,” Lynch said.


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