Policing saved spots

In Philadelphia, people have enjoyed several of the Philadelphia PD’s public service announcements.

In the Northeast there are always conflicts over parking spots after lots of snowfall. For those that don’t have to deal with snow, “spot saving” refers to people that block shoveled parking spaces with trash barrels and other stuff.

This year the theme of the anti stop-saving spots is the Netflix mega hit “Stranger Things.”

If anyone tries to take my spot I’m going full Upside Down on ’em!

“We’ve seen some strange things used over the years to save parking spots -and we’re hoping we see a lot less of them this year,” police said. “Shovel and share – it’s not worth fighting over.”

The tweet come with a video, dubbed “Savesie Things.”

The video, set to the series’ intro music, shows all the items Philadelphians have use to save spots after they shovel out vehicles, including trash bags, milk crates, lawn chairs, and even a toilet.

Watch the “Savesie Things” video here.


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