Policing St. Patrick’s Day


If the recent shenanigans in Hoboken, New Jersey, are any indication, it’s going to be another busy day for police officers as they try and keep people safe amidst drunken mayhem.

In Hoboken, folks that just can’t wait until St. Patrick’s Day to get together for what’s known as a pub-crawl.

That’s where intoxicated people literally crawl from bar to bar—the result of the loss of motor function that comes with extreme intoxication.

This year’s event went about as well as last year’s event—15 arrests and a ton of citations.

“I will not tolerate having any of our officers injured, for the purposes of a few to make a financial profit at the expense of our residents, and for the purposes of promoting deviant behavior attached to various holidays, which results in citizens and officers being hospitalized!” Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante told reporters.

But despite all the headaches, the boss says his people and those that helped out did a great job.

“I am proud of the efforts put forth by our officers who did everything possible to keep this city as safe as possible throughout the day and night, and thank all of the assisting agencies who helped us put 200 officers on the streets,” he said.

Rest up, officers. This was just the warm-up. There will be more puke, assaults, and those silly green plastic helmets next week.


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