Powder Springs Police is in great hands 24/7

After our last post where we commended our officers went so well, we decided to keep up the trend.


Yesterday evening our officers were dispatched to a welfare check where the family didn’t hear from their mother at all that day and they normally speak very regularly. Upon our officers arriving they encountered a male, who they quickly realized was under the influence of some illicit drug. Our officers utilized their awesome training and negotiation skills to convince the male to allow them inside the residence without escalating the situation. Upon going inside they found a women not responsive and very badly injured. They immediately detained the male, and without skipping a beat they began rendering life saving aid to the female and providing her with reassurance and comfort. Upon the arrival of Cobb Fire and Puckett EMS they turned over care where she was transported to the hospital in stable but critical condition.

It is without a doubt that had it not been for the training, knowledge, professionalism, and life-saving efforts these guys and gals demonstrated there would have been a very different outcome! The male was later charged with multiple aggravated felonies and transported to his new residence at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.

The work that these men 👮🏽‍♂️ and women 👮🏼 put in day in and day out is truly outstanding and awe inspiring 🙌🏽. We are confident when we say this; POWDER SPRINGS IS IN GREAT HANDS 24/7 – 365  🤗

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