Quilts and cops

Haley McConnell is a great lady in Florida that’s been handing out hand made quilts to law enforcement.

She started off by making small quilts that cops could give kids after a domestic disturbance and things like that to make it easier for the kids to deal with trauma.

Needless to say it’s a great idea and everyone appreciates McConnell’s effort and generosity.

“If we roll up on any traumatic incident whether it be a car wreck or kids are out in the cold for any reason, if we have to remove them from the house for any reason and they’re out in the cold and they need something to kind of comfort them, we can use it to help them keep warm,” Deputy Justin Johnson with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office told local reporters.

“It’s very comforting to know that there’s still some people that still support law enforcement and what we do,” Deputy Johnson said, “and to be able to provide for us some extra tools we can use in the community.”

McConnell hopes these pieces of fabric will help kids cope with tough situations.

“A quilt, they last forever pretty much if you quilt them right,” McConnell said.

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