Recruiting Efforts Up In Smoke


For advocates of the war on marijuana, these are challenging times.

It seems that with each passing day another city or state decides to decriminalize or legalize cannabis outright.

In Alaska, where a there’s a town that has a cat for mayor, voters recently decided to go the same route as Massachusetts, Oregon, Colorado, and several other states by bringing some common sense reforms to the never-ending and wildly expensive drug war.

In Idaho, police say that the hippies next door—i.e. Washington State—have made it difficult for them to attract potential hires.

Confused yet?

A law enforcement agency suggests that they can’t find qualified candidates because they can’t pass a drug test.

So, apparently most of the people that are failing the drug tests didn’t start smoking weed until Washington decriminalized it.



bwaahhaaa I knew that – I was asked that question “how do you feel about legalizing pot” at an oral board and they didn’t like my answer (our state is close to legalization)…”hey Chief – imagine…there are 12 applicants outside waiting, all of them in suit and tie, and passing around a joint…any questions?”…needless to say I didn’t make the cut…..

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