Fired Boss Blames Training


Anthony Batts was fired from his post as Baltimore Police Commissioner shortly after the fallout over the death of Freddie Gray, a man in police custody who died as the result of a broken neck while being transported to booking.

Now, Batts is speaking out about what he feels were the problems with the police response to the unrest that unfolded following Gray’s death.

Batts describes himself in a CBS interview almost as a passive bystander.

“When the rioting began, Batts remembered wondering why his officers were reacting so slowly,” according to CBS News.

“I was clinching my fists and gritting my teeth and saying, ‘Move, go! Go!'” Batts told CBS News.

So, what about the stand-down order from the mayor?

“I’m telling you that the mayor never told me or gave me a order to stand down,” Batts said. “I never heard her any given point in time give anybody an order to stand down. I never told anybody to stand down.”


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