Perfect Aim



The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office in Montana is providing retired law enforcement officers the opportunity to carry concealed weapons, but first they have to hit 100% of the shots.


The program began in Missoula last year in line with the Retired Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act. The legislation allows retired law enforcement officers to carry a concealed weapon in places where standard concealed weapons permits can’t.


An officer at the event said around 30 people came to renew their permits.


“The way that things are going in our country, it’s nice to have retired law enforcement out there that have shown that they’re proficient with their weapons. They’re able to be armed in a lot of situations where if they’re needed they can respond and assist other law enforcement,” Missoula County Sheriff’ Office Support Services and Training Captain Anthony Rio said.


Rio said Missoula is a good central location for retired law enforcement around Western Montana to come to renew their permits.


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