Why Now?

Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia
Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia (Photo: YouTube)

A Texas state trooper indicted over the arrest of Sandra Bland—who’s mysterious death while being held in custody launched a firestorm of controversy last year—was formally fired on Tuesday.

Via USA Today:

The Texas Department of Public Safety decided to uphold the preliminary decision to fire Trooper Brian Encinia, the officer who conducted Sandra Bland’s traffic stop.


Encinia met with department Director Steven C. McCraw to discuss his termination last month. But during the course of the conversation Encinia gave McCraw “no cause” to alter the preliminary decision to terminate his employment, McCraw said in a termination letter.


Encinia has remained on the payroll since the department announced they planned to begin the process of firing him in December.


Encinia may appeal the director’s final determination to the Texas Public Safety Commission—the five-member oversight board for public safety department. Should he appeal to the safety commission, the commission may then set aside or affirm the discharge after a public hearing.


The grand jury decided not to charge anyone at the jail in Bland’s death.


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