Star-Crossed Lovers

Wife Throwing Her Husband Out of the House

One of the major challenges cops face, socially speaking, is managing to develop interests and relationships that exist outside of the world of law enforcement.

Because many police officers tend to socialize only among other cops, there are situations where things can get a little messy.

In Florida, for instance, a jilted spouse recently blew the whistle on her husband’s extra-marital activities when she dropped off a multimedia treasure trove of her husband’s dalliances with a co-worker.

A lot of the activity apparently took place on duty—even at the station house.

Needless to say, this has turned into quite the local controversy, and one of the officers could be losing his law enforcement certification.

The sordid tale is yet another solid indication that many officers just don’t seem to be processing the fact that there is no privacy on the internet or social media.


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