Sgt. or Saint?

There’s more to the job than chasing bad guys and locking people up.

In Arizona, Glendale Police Sgt. Jeff Daukus is the kind of guy that quietly makes a difference each and every day. He’s been a driving force in setting up community programs that help families, at-risk youth and local schools.

Daukus has a big enough heart that he can show compassion not just to loved ones and colleagues but also to the people who have broken the law.

“I have people that I’ve encountered that their kids have come to me and said ‘I remember you, and you treated my family decent,’ and so now I am going to college,” Daukus told AZ in a recent interview.

“You can’t get an award for that, but that’s really why we do what we do.”

In Copland legends are made of war stories. But civilians tend to remember the little things that cops do everyday to help people out. Like the guy above helping the kid with the job interview tie a Windsor knot. 

Just ask Robert Read, an ex-con who Daukus got to a couple years back.

“After he started breaking down my walls and he got to share his story, and get personal with me, I got to see past the uniform like he saw past my tattoos,” said Read. “I realized we have a lot in common.”

Read and Sgt. Daukus have become close friends, spending time with each others families while collaborating on community projects.

“You’re my brother, you’re my mentor, you’re my friend,” Read said of Daukus.

During times of such division, hatred and fear, it’s great to see professionals like Daukus creating connections, building bridges and changing lives.

(editor’s note: We looked hard for picture of Sgt. Daukus but came up empty.)

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