“Shake it Up”

New Orleans PD homicide detective Winston Harbin, gets down with the moves at Mardi Gras. This video went viral in seconds of it being posted. The detective said his love of dancing goes way back to 1990 when a travel show captured him shaking it up outside the InterContinental Hotel in New Orleans.

Harbin and DeCynda Barnes, his partner in cold-case murder investigations, are seen busting their moves before an appreciative crowd at Canal and North Miro streets before the Endymion parade. What the video fails to capture, Harbin said, are the dozens of other parade revelers joining in the party dance routine.

“The music came on. I became possessed by the rhythm,” he said Monday. “We decided, ‘Let’s get this rolling.’ ”

Dancing in the streets doesn’t much comport with the image of a dour, seen-it-all homicide detective in a city that has often ranked as America’s most murderous place. In his day job, Harbin said, he’s been working on the still-unsolved murder of New Orleans filmmaker Helen Hill, who was shot outside her Marigny home on North Rampart Street home in 2007.

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