Kindness of Strangers


No one really cares too much about the state of policing, police training, and most other things that fall under the heading “public safety.”

The easiest way to tell this is the case is by examining how much people are willing to pay for more qualified police officers, better training, and police equipment like weapons and vehicles.

Via JCOnline:

“The Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office is on track to purchase 13 vehicles this year, and for the first time, it will use funds outside the cumulative capital account to buy its vehicles.


For example, the department on Aug. 1 purchased a used 2013 Ford crew cab F-150, which Sheriff Barry Richard said is assigned to him.


That vehicle, which had 35,414 miles on it when the county bought it, cost $29,500 — $6,892.25 of which was paid for out of the county’s cumulative capital account. That amount accounts for the last 2016 allotment of those funds for the sheriff’s office. The balance for the truck — $22,607.75 — was cash that came from the department’s commissary funds.


Commissary funds are generated by inmates’ purchases of personal items, hygiene items, snacks, and collect calls from the jail, Richard said.”


So, just to be clear here, the money for the sheriff’s vehicle and the others was paid for with revenue generated by prison inmates as opposed to the taxpayers.

Considering the money we spend locking people up this, in a very bizarre and ironic way, this actually makes a lot of sense.


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