The Nose Knows

Deputy Gary Cyrus and Nutmeg (Photo: Camden County Sheriff's Dept.)
Deputy Gary Cyrus and Nutmeg (Photo: Camden County Sheriff’s Dept.)

At dusk one night last week, the Camden County Sheriff’s Department got a call from a concerned citizen whose 75-year-old sister had gone missing from her Linn Creek home.

While en route, deputies were advised the missing female contacted Life Alert by cell phone and explained she was lost in the woods behind her house.

Upon arrival, deputies from the office and troopers from the Missouri State Highway Patrol began searching the woods behind the residence.

Deputies searched the immediate area for approximately an hour and a half, but due to darkness setting in and the woman’s cell phone battery dying, they were unable to locate her.

Deputy Gary Cyrus and his K9 partner, Nutmeg, a female bloodhound, arrived and began searching the area. A short time later, Nutmeg located the missing woman and deputies helped her back to the residence, where an ambulance waited.

The missing woman suffered no injuries and returned home to rest. One deputy suffered a minor injury to his foot while searching in the dark.

Sheriff Franklin extended his appreciation to all personnel involved in the search and especially to Nutmeg, whose keen sense of smell and tracking abilities were instrumental in returning the missing woman home to her family for Christmas.


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