Howdy, Pardner!


In Arkansas, deputies with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office might soon be getting asked a classic question.

“Is that a 10-gallon hat, or are you just glad to see me?”

According to Arkansas Online:

“The Pulaski County sheriff’s office has added cowboy hats to its uniforms, an accessory that Sheriff Doc Holladay said completes the outfit and gives deputies a more professional appearance.


Over the past four months, the sheriff’s office purchased 120 Stetson felt hats at $155 apiece, 142 Resistol straw hats at $42.49 apiece, and one hat cover for $50.36, according to department invoices. The records were released under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.


Altogether, the hats cost $26,761.65.


That’s 44 percent of the department’s $60,000 annual clothing and uniform budget.”

Thankfully, the cowboy hats are optional for those that don’t like the look.

Others really dig it.

“I like the hat,” Pulaski County sheriff’s Deputy Ed Johnson said of his county issued cowboy hats. “I wear one off-duty. It makes me feel better to put it on.”

This makes a lot more sense when you consider the local sheriff’s name is Doc Holladay.


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