Our most sincere apologies

In the June-July issue of American Police Beat we ran a story about some jurisdictions where the training for officers is not up to national standards. Unfortunately we ran a  picture with the article of a group of very highly trained, all POST certified officers from Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee which was a terrible mistake on our part.

The intention was to show a picture of well trained officers to make the story more dramatic, but that is not the perception readers got.

Below are two of the many letters we received about the error. We plan to set the record straight on our website and Facebook and in the next issue of American Police Beat which will be the Nov-Dec issue. The Sept-Oct issue is already at the printer. We will rerun the photo and explain what happened and offer our apologies to Arnold Air Force Base Police and Steve Luttrell.

Cynthia Brown, Publisher
American Police Beat


Yesterday I read an article in your magazine titled” Cops with No Training.” A picture was attached of Officer Steve Luttrell and other officers of the Arnold Air Force Base Police Dept. The implication as contained in the body of the article was that these officers were part time and not trained or ill trained. Nothing could be further from the truth.  As a retired LEO with 37 years service domestically and internationally I find it difficult to hold my tongue at such a suggestion.

I personally know Steve Luttrell and I have worked with him over many years and countless criminal investigations. To suggest in any way he is an unqualified LEO is totally unacceptable. His agency, Arnold Air Froce Base Police is a Tenn. POST certified agency of very qualified law enforcement professionals.

I am personally and professionally offended at the implications of your article. You have offended a very capable, well respected and professional agency. I trust in the future you will employ due diligernce in researching your articles for publications as well as your attachments.

 I feel you owe Arnold Air Force Base Police and Steve Luttrell an apology.

— HG Walker (Ret.)


I want to share my comments on the subject article available on your website. The article discusses training, or the lack thereof in departments in LA; however, the photo is a photo of the Arnold AFB Police Department in Tennessee. I was the Chief of Police when that photo was done and I can assure you the officers at Arnold AFB that patrol the roads are better trained and more fully qualified than most in the state or the nation. Our officers carry a Tennessee POST certification and a Federal qualification. We host or attend training venues throughout the year. I’m appalled that your magazine would post and circulate these types of untruths. People who read your articles accept them as truth and your magazine has an obligation to ensure accuracy! This article has damaged the professionalism and image of a very hardworking and highly trained department your magazine owe a deep apology to the officers of Arnold AFB, the Tennessee POST Commission, and the leadership of Arnold AFB.

— Rick Trull


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