Smart policing revolution

While many long for times gone by and the glory days of their youth (when you could send a guy away for 20 years for simple marijuana possession for example) others are looking forward and making adjustments.

For instance, how often do you hear law enforcement officials lament the fact that they’re not social workers or therapists and that they don’t have the training required to handle the calls they respond to.

Well how about getting the cops some help? There are many effective programs (in states with new revenue streams at least) where mental health professionals roll out to calls with police officers and the results are impressive.

In Colorado, The Pueblo Police Dept. is seeing things move in the right direction.

“A lot of those people wouldn’t normally have known or been able to seek any kind of assistance on their own for any mental health needs, the program has opened up the doors for mental health counseling for a whole host of people that would have otherwise slipped through the cracks,” said Joe Garcia, Captain with the Pueblo Police Department.

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