Proof Of Insurance?


Between lawsuits, budget cuts, and changes in policy, there’s a lot of changes happening right now on the law enforcement landscape.

One of those issues appears to be a crisis of paperwork and regulation.

Cops are outfitted with all kinds of stuff that no one had ever heard of just 10 years ago, and a lot of that equipment is related “big data.”

But if you read between the lines on all these stories about facial recognition, debit card readers, and the rest, you’ll notice something rather strange.

It seems like the adoption of so much technology has made it difficult to do things that used to be relatively simple.

For instance, making sure police vehicles are registered and insured.

Insurance is a really big deal, especially if a police officer has an accident.

Then everyone finds out the fleet is uninsured and “WTF?” becomes the question of the day.


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