Symphonic discontent allegations

See if this sounds familiar…

The union representing police officers says they’re underpaid, overworked, burdened with new technology and don’t have the support of agency higher-ups.

The chief says he’s committed to working all the issues out and is looking forward to the report of the consultant hired to give the police department a review.

It could be any law enforcement agency at any time but this happens to be what’s happening in Huntington Beach, California.

HBPOA President Dave Humphreys says the boss has got to go.

“We are not talking about a few disgruntled voices with Chief Handy,” he said in a statement. “We’re talking an entire symphony of opposition from the top down to the way he has lowered the once high standards of the Huntington Beach Police Department. If he can’t find it within him to do the right thing and resign, it’s time the City Council starts nudging him toward the door.”

If you guessed that this posturing is taking place during contract negotiations, consider yourself a police labor expert.

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