TASER Lands HUGE Body Cam Contract


There are contracts and then there are CONTRACTS.

American Police Beat would like congratulate our partners at TASER International after they were chosen to be the provider of body cams for 22,000 London Metropolitan Police Officers.

The Metropolitan Police completed a 12-month pilot earlier this year using 1,000 of TASER’s Axon body-worn cameras.


As far as we know, it was the world’s largest trial of body cameras to date.

Officials determined what U.S. law enforement has already learned during the study.

Researchers determined that the cameras resulted in a 33-percent reduction in complaints against officers.

“This is a hugely exciting moment for both TASER and its Axon technology platform. We’re driving a global trend toward smarter, more transparent policing and we’re beyond thrilled to be pushing new boundaries forward with one of the largest and most well respected police forces in the world,” said TASER CEO and Founder Rick Smith.

About Axon & Evidence.com Platform:

Thousands of law enforcement agencies to date are now utilizing the Axon platform, allowing them to seamlessly integrate software and hardware to enable powerful capabilities. The Axon platform connects technology and people in order to create safer communities.

* Powerful Simplicity: Our hardware and software products work together seamlessly and are easy to use, with software upgrades every 30 days that continually expand law enforcement capabilities.

* Security Beyond CJIS: Our security practices go above and beyond CJIS requirements to keep law enforcement’s most sensitive data safe.

* Connected Mobile App Suite: The Axon suite of mobile applications augments the body camera experience and allows officers to Capture, View, and stream Live video from their smartphone

* Infinite Capabilities from Capture to Courtroom: From body cameras and dash cameras to digital evidence management tools we arm law enforcement with great capabilities to help them focus on policing.

* CAD/RMS Integration: Automates Axon video tagging by pulling in the correct metadata from existing systems.

* Interview Room: Axon now supports an enterprise interview room solution, unifying an agency’s digital evidence

* Automated Redaction: Smart Tracker is an expanded suite of redaction tools that streamlines the fulfillment of public records requests

* Prosecutor Solution: Secure digital collaboration with the prosecutor saves time and money

For more information on TASER International, CLICK HERE.

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