The Nation’s First Online Coaching Platform Used By Law Enforcement

Launched in 2018, this Phoenix based tech/coaching startup has been setting the new standard for how for how law enforcement personnel find, connect, and work with a life, career, or wellness coach. Hundred Life Design provides a secure, transparent, and vetted connection point between coaches and officers looking to improve some aspect of their life.

Each user can “shop” for the coach or coaches they wish to work with, view each coaches’ profile, and book a time with them directly. All coaching sessions are conducted via one-on-one video from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Hundred’s sessions are completely confidential, and each user may create an alias for using the service.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of life coaching, the simplest comparison is to that of an athletic coach. Just like how all great athletes have coaches, the same concept can be applied to other aspects of life as well, included relationships, stress management, work life balance, and more. There is a reason top level executives, olympic athletes, star performers, and some of the most accomplished people in the world all attribute so much of their success to coaching; because it works.

Just how effective is coaching? Studies show that between 70 – 80% of people who engage regularly with a coach report increased levels of self-confidence, improved performance at work, healthier relationships, and more effective communication skills.

Case Study

In October 2019, The Paradise Valley Police Department – a town within the city of Phoenix, Arizona – began offering Hundred’s services to their officers and civilian employees. The program was immediately very positively received, in part due to the fact that it put officers in control.

Officers could choose who they wanted to work with, when they wanted to talk, and on what topics they wanted to talk about. But perhaps most effective of all, several of Hundred’s coaches were officers or had law enforcement backgrounds themselves.

Within weeks, nearly a quarter of PVPD had voluntarily used Hundred at least once. Currently, of the participants, 91% of the department’s personnel are regular users of the service. Officers worked with coaches on a variety of topics, especially those which involved health, transiting into civilian life, managing stress, communication and dating/romantic relationships.

How do we know this? Well here’s the really interesting part; all this information was volunteered! Not only were officers electing to regularly engage with Hundred, but they were actively talking about their sessions with colleagues and recommending the service to others. Not many other officer support resources get that type of reaction.

Real Results

Officers and employees reported real results. As one officer for the department noted, “a while back I was involved in an incident. I’ve been seeing a therapist for over three years. I got more out of four sessions with Hundred than I had in all my time in therapy.”

Other officers have also reported improved attitudes towards their job, better communication skills, clarity around personal issues at home, and improvements to their health by way of reducing stress. It was also consistently noted that the service and coaches felt very relatable and approachable, most likely due to the fact that several of the coaches used had law enforcement backgrounds.

For Other Departments

With respect to others wanting to implement Hundred in their department, the cost and logistics involved is a lot more reasonable and simpler than expected. Hundred Life Design operates on a “pay for what you use” model; there’s no upfront retainer. Rather, each department is given a unique promo code. Much like online shopping, officers use the department code when they book a session with a coach.

Hundred tracks all bookings per month and invoices the department respectively. With full transparency around usage, and paying only for what is used, Hundred is able to offer a very competitive price advantage to departments. Furthermore, with services being digitally accessed, officers simply use their own computer or mobile device. There is no need for investment in additional hardware or equipment.

In terms of what other departments can expect to pay, it really all depends on officer usage. To help shed some light on this topic, Hundred has coaches that start at $60 a session, with a majority of coaches somewhere in the $120 – $200 range. But perhaps more important than focusing on the out of pocket cost, is the return on investment coaching has demonstrated across the board.

Return on Investment

Research has shown that on average, every dollar spent creating a mentally healthy workspace results in a positive return of 230%. When applied to law enforcement, particularly with regards to stress and trauma prevention, that return on investment jumps to 700%. In other words, every dollar spent on coaching yields, on average, a return of $7.00, or its monetary equivalent. That equivalent can mean less sick leave, lower rates of officer stress, increased longevity, better on job performance, and more.

This positive return on investment is usually evident after only a few months, and 86% of individuals and institutions that have implemented coaching see these results, claiming to have recuperated their investment and more.

Perhaps the only remaining question then, is it worth it? The reality is, there are officers across the country who could immediately benefit from Hundred’s unique approach. Not to mention the fact that coaching is a preventative and proactive experience. It’s not about waiting until something dramatic has happened. Instead, it’s about acquiring and practicing the tools and techniques necessary to design the life we want.

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