The Top 10 Signs it’s the holiday season

  1. You pull people over who are speeding to get away from their in-laws.
  2. You get calls about reindeer on the loose.
  3. Your uniform starts to feel a bit … snug.
  4. Every time you walk into a store, people want to shop with you. (Get it, shop with a cop?)
  5. You start getting APBs for missing inflatable Santa lawn decorations.
  6. Your patrol car’s radio presets are set to stations playing holiday music 24/7.
  7. The porch pirates are out in full force.
  8. You have to clear Christmas trees out of the road after they’ve fallen off someone’s car.
  9. That sweet, sweet holiday pay.
  10. You know they won’t listen, but you feel compelled to tell people how to safely do their holiday shopping.

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