The Top 10 Signs your partner is a bloodhound

  1. Man trying to drive “like Ace Ventura” with head out window slams car into tree
  2. There is bloodhound slobber on the department’s ceiling.
  3. You have paw prints on your chest.
  4. Your partner cries if you leave without him.
  5. Your family tells you that you smell like a hound.
  6. You have a slobber towel stuffed into the cargo pockets of your pants.
  7. You have the smelliest dog treats possible in a pocket.
  8. When washing clothes, you find the remnants of those smelly dog treats left behind.
  9. Wherever you go, you make sure you have a poop bag ready to go.
  10. Everyone wants to come see your partner and ignores you.
  11. As soon as you put on a fresh and pressed uniform, your partner comes to say hello with slobber.

Submitted by South Fayette (Pennsylvania) Police Sergeant Mike Wesolek.

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