The Top 10 Weird laws that really exist

  1. In Idaho, cannibalism is legal under “extreme life-threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival.”
  2. Legislators, public officers and lawyers in Kentucky are required by law to take an oath stating that they have not fought a duel using deadly weapons.
  3. In Michigan, cheating on your spouse isn’t just in bad taste, it’s unlawful. Adultery in this state is a felony and could land you four years in prison and a hefty $5,000 fine.
  4. The existence of Bigfoot might be a joke to some, but killing the primate-like creature in Skamania County, Washington, is punishable by one year in county jail and a $1,000 fine.
  5. It’s illegal to curse in public in Mississippi. The use of vulgar or obscene language in the presence of two or more people could result in 30 days of jail time.
  6. Having a venereal disease isn’t a crime, but it is illegal to marry in Nebraska if you are afflicted with one.
  7. It is a misdemeanor in Delaware to sell, barter or give away the fur of a domestic dog or cat.
  8. Bear wrestling in Missouri is a Class A misdemeanor.
  9. Hunting in cemeteries is a no-no in Oregon, where the act is considered a misdemeanor.
  10. Oklahoma had to outlaw making glue out of skunks.

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