The Top 10 People Who Can No Longer Ask “What Are You Looking At?”


1. The wildly attractive woman in see-through yoga pants in front of you at the convenience store.

2. The 83-year-old guy in the Bentley convertible with two 19-year-old girls on either arm, driving down Sunset Boulevard with a “F-U-MONEY” vanity plate.

3. The woman in West Virginia walking her leashed sex slave. (Google it!)

4. The sniper and the officer manning the .50 cal on the armored vehicle deployed for crowd control.

5. The sovereign citizen wearing Old Glory as a diaper with “Tread Or Get Lead!” tattooed on his forehead.

6. The open-carry activist with an AR-15 at a one-man “Support the 2nd!” demonstration at Chuck E. Cheese, where 52 5-year-olds and their parents are having a birthday party.

7. Handlebar moustache, black knee socks, and Bermuda shorts with a “Kiss Me, I’m Satan!” t-shirt.

8. “Glassholes,” a.k.a. people who wear Google glasses.

9. Security guards who wear blue-black camouflage while riding a Segway.

10. Anyone who gets wasted and tweets or posts on social media.

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