The Top 10 Signs Your Daughter is Marrying the Wrong Guy


1. When asked what he does for a living he flashes his gun and says, “I’m a conflict resolution consultant.”

2. Your name is Bruce Jenner.

3. Twenty-six years old with three ex-wives holding down the night manager spot at Taco Town.

4. The groom to be is the mayor’s bad-boy nephew.

5. She wants him to sign a prenuptial agreement.

6. Two words. Violent. Temper.

7. His greatest accomplishment? Getting a callback to an audition for the third season of “Survivor.”

8. Three words. Bisexual. Serial. Killer.

9. “Hey there, Mr. Richards, great to meet you! Listen, I was hoping to take Lisa out on the town. You got, like, $200 I could borrow?”

10. Says thanks but no thanks to the Vegas honeymoon you offered to pay for because he’s got warrants in Nevada.

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