Top 10 Signs You Failed the Sergeant’s Exam



2. You wear a T-shirt with pride that reads “Reading is for losers!”

3. When a colleague asked if you had “studied,” you had to look up the
word’s meaning.

4. Someone’s asking questions about the 20-minute bathroom break that
was taken by about two-thirds of the applicants.

5. The sample test you memorized the answers to is from 1978.

6. Instead of answering A, B, or C, you wrote a long screed about how
tests are stupid and no test has ever been on the street anyway.

7. You’re dyslexic, blind in one eye, and hung over to the point where
people genuinely ask if you need some kind of help.

8. Instead of filling in the oval on the question about use of force
policies, you drew a skull, a set of crossbones, and the grim reaper.

9. You always have trouble remembering what day it is and are really bad
with directions.

10. You’re getting paid to skew the curve by answering everything wrong.


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