Toxic Boss Syndrome

After you’ve work in law enforcement for a while, you start to hear a lot of repeating phrases and buzzwords.

These would be things like “donning and doffing,” “upward feedback” and “toxic boss syndrome.”

A lot of these phrases have little or no meaning but TBS (toxic boss syndrome) isn’t one of them.

The phrase is used to describe a circumstance where the man or woman that’s leading an organization is so
arrogant, hostile, and entitled that coming to work can actually be a traumatic experience—even for police officers.

In some places, it’s so bad, those who want to speak out have to do it with their voices and faces blurred, for fear of reprisal.

And, obviously, right now, with everything going on in the news, “toxic boss syndrome” is on a lot of peoples’ minds.

Anyway, if you’re interested in what’s happening at a sheriff’s office in Virginia around this issue, check out the the video.


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