Situational Awareness


As the Donald Trump campaign picks up steam and supporters, his rallies will likely get even wilder.

This is important from an officer-safety perspective for two reasons.

First, emotions are running extremely high, and working one of these events will require officers on that detail to be on the top of their game.

Secondly, a lot of people are bringing O.C. spray to these events—people who are obviously not trained to use the stuff.

A couple months back, there was a pepper spray incident where some college kid was charged with assault for pepper spraying a young woman.

Now comes another incident, this one involving a man pepper-spraying five people, including two young girls.

If you’ve ever been exposed to O.C. spray in high volumes, you know what it can do to your vision. And it’s not unlikely that uniformed or plain clothes officers will be exposed when civilians go bananas with the pepper spray.

Being able to see is critical when you’re dealing with a public safety challenge with lots of moving parts and television cameras.

So, let’s be careful out there.


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