Police Vs. Prosecutors

Via KTUL.com:

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — It’s been around for 80 years, but for the Tulsa Police union, this was a first.


“Up to this point we’ve never done anything like this,” said Jerad Lindsey of the Tulsa police union.


A grievance complaint, the cops against the DA, in a filing with the Oklahoma Bar association.


“The reason for us filing this complaint is because we didn’t want to allow a precedent to be set on filing charges against someone before all the evidence and reports are in,” he said.


In the union’s opinion, it was political and public pressure that forced the DA’s hand to charge officer (Betty) Shelby so quickly.


“Anyone that saw the press conference where he filed these charges could see the amount of pressure that Mr. Kunzweiler was under,” he said.


Meanwhile, down at the courthouse…


“It’s not foreign territory for people to accuse me of things,” said Tulsa county District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler.

The DA had yet to see the complaint but was not too thrilled with the timing.


“I find the timing pretty interesting,” he said.


“The timing of this, we didn’t do this to try to influence the trial,” said Lindsey.


“Unfortunately, that’s just a distraction on this case, and I’m not happy about that,” said Kunzweiler.


Is the FOP worried the grievance could affect their relationship with the DA?


“I will tell you yes, I am fearful of that, but with that, I want to say that Steve Kunzweiler is a very honest and just man,” said Lindsey.


“I’m going to honor my oaths and my ethics, and so, if somebody wants to make a complaint against me I guess they’re certainly entitled to do that,” said Kunzweiler.


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