Tulsans show support for officers shot in the line of duty

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Right now, all eyes are on Tulsa’s surgeons and on God, praying for the swift recovery of Officer Aurash Zarkeshan, only on patrol for six weeks. His Supervisor, Stg. Craig Johnson, known to Tulsans for being the reason Tulsa’s streetlights are back on after spending months chasing down copper thieves.

On Monday, they were being prayed for by people like seven-year-old Trey Elliott.

“Jesus please protect these police officers. Heal their bodies and help them protect their families and wrap them in love. Amen, praise God, hallelujah,” Elliott said in his prayer.

Trey has spent the past weeks praying for Tulsa police, but today his prayers carry even more weight for officers.

“It means a lot. A lot of them are scared right now. A lot of them, their families are scared right now. This means a lot more to them than anybody out here even knows right now,” said Trey’s mom, Brittany Elliott.

Across town, Tulsans have been driving with their headlights on, to show support for the family and friends of the wounded officers. In midtown, one neighborhood is encouraging others to tie blue ribbons around trees.

“I’m hoping that officers will actually see this and know that if they need support, we’ll be there for them. If they need to be loved, we’ll be there for them. If they need to be prayed for, we’ll be there for them. We just hope that they are inspired by this,” said Zeth Pinkhurst.

Back at the vigil, Tulsa police including Chief Franklin were able to see the love and support from the community up close.

“We can come together, we can work with our police officers, we can work with our community leaders and make this a better place and a safer place, but we can’t do it without our police officers. That’s something that we absolutely have to have,” said Tim McDaniel with the Thin Blue Brotherhood Foundation.

McDaniel’s group plans to hold a rally of support for Tulsa Police on Wednesday night between six and eight in front of the BOK Center.

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