Since 1994 we have been the exclusive world wide distributor of ParMarLow Electronics, Two Way Radio Audio Accessories. In 2007 we became the U.S. Distributor for Okayo Wireless Sound Systems. Two Way Radio and Law Enforcement Product Dealers world wide sell ParMarLow Speaker Microphones, Covert Shrouds, Headsets, and other products designed to insure proper audio interface between the user and his/her two way radio.

Witness Interview Systems: Prompting the interviewer without interrupting the interview.

The ParMarLow Wireless Interview System allows for prompting the Interviewer without interrupting the interview. Now the line of questioning can be directed without alerting the suspect that something they said was of interest. The short range (100′ to 200′) of the system keeps the transmissions in house. Used with the ParMarLow WR-PWRx07 Wireless Earpiece, the suspect is unaware that the interviewer is receiving information from the investigative team. This is extremely valuable when interviewing children and young adults who are very aware of their surroundings.

ParMarLow bundles the Okayo Wireless Microphone system with ParMarLow’s own wired or wireless earphones to make a reliable low profile prompting system costing less than most law enforcement two way radios. Each system includes a Transmitter, Receiver, Charger (shown with Transmitter and Receiver), Rechargeable Batteries, Wireless Receiver, Neckloop and Lapel Microphone.

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