Two police officers killed after shootout in Mississippi

Two police officers were shot and killed in a shootout Saturday in Mississippi, authorities said.

Zack Moak, 31, and James White, 35, members of Brookhaven Police Department, were killed when they went to an address and exchanged gunfire with a man who was wounded, police said.

The two officers arrived at the house around 5 a.m. to investigate a report of shots fired.

“These are two awesome people that lost their lives in the line of duty and they’re both heroes,” Police Chief Kenneth Collins told a news conference. “They did their job.”

He added: “Men and women of law enforcement, we are not going to give up. This is what we do. They did their jobs and I am proud of both of them. I want the families to know that two heroes lost their lives, and they are in the presence of Jesus right now.”

Suspect Marquis Flowers, 25, was taken to the hospital. His condition was not released.

Gov. Phil Bryant issued a statement via Twitter asking for prayers “for the family and loved ones of these fallen heroes.”

Moak had been a Brookhaven cop for three years. White had just joined the department for a second time, Collins said.

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