VIDEO: Fashion Emergency!

Deputy Martha Lohnes of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina has responded to some weird 911 calls, but this one takes the cake.

Aaliyah Ryan is just two years old. But she knew enough to call 911 when she was having a problem. The dispatcher told Deputy Lohnes that it sounded like a baby was calling, but the caller hung up suddenly. When she got to the address, an elderly man answered the door, completely bewildered and unaware of any call to the police.

“I show up, and her grandfather opens the door, and she just comes up around the side of him and is like, ‘Hey!’’ Lohnes told “Then I look down, and she’s only got one pant leg on.”

Aaliyah had somehow gotten one of her pant legs flipped over and inside out. And that’s when she decided to call 911.

“There was like no way she was going to figure it out,” Lohnes said.

“So I sit down on the stairs and help her put pants on,” she told Fox Carolina. “And then she proceeds to ask me to pick her up and hug her…and that would be the best part of my shift today.”


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