VIDEO: Agency Backs Officer

Via The Vallejo (CA) Police Department:

The Vallejo Police Department is asking for a retraction and correction of a news story erroneously claiming that a Vallejo Police Officer used a derogatory racial slur during a high risk vehicle stop of a car-jacking suspect.


On July 8, the Vallejo Police Department opened an internal affairs investigation after receiving information from a news source that a Vallejo Police Officer used a racial slur during a stop. KPIX CBS 5 had previously obtained a video depicting the event and later that evening aired a story indicating that one of the officers used the “N-word” during the contact.


That same evening, the Vallejo Police Department attempted to obtain an original copy of the video from the Vallejo resident who recorded the incident and from the news agency with no success. Interviews were conducted of the occupants of the vehicle who were both Hispanic. The driver of the vehicle denied that the officer used any racial slurs and specifically denied that the officer used the “N-word”. The passenger of the vehicle, David Plancarte, was arrested in connection with an armed car-jacking and refused to give a statement.


On July 9, the Vallejo Police Department obtained an original copy of the video from the resident who made the recording. Upon playing the recording, the officer can be heard clearly saying, “Hey David” where the “N-word” was reported by KPIX CBS 5 as being used.


The Vallejo Police Department has contacted KPIX CBS 5 and they have since stopped airing the story and removed all references from their website.


The internal affairs investigation continues regarding the officers’ use of profanity. The Vallejo Police Department is fully confident that no racial slur was used.


As usual, anti police, left wing communist
accusing police of things that never happened. The officer should sue the accuser and the news station.

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