Fired Cop: “I Know I Did My Job”


Vian, OK — Lindsay Green started working for the Vian Police Department in December, 2016. She was the first full-time paid female officer to patrol the town.


But on Monday, Officer Green resigned from the police department. In an exclusive interview, she told 40/29 News she was afraid of being fired after she arrested a councilman’s son.


“I don’t work for a town that controls the police department. I want to be the police, ” Green said. “I don’t want someone telling me who I can and can’t arrest.”


While on patrol last week, Green said an off duty police officer called her and reported that his neighbor was driving on a suspended license. The off duty officer told Green the driver was previously cited in November for the same thing, according to Green.


“When he (the driver) stopped at the stop sign he didn’t signal within so many feet of a turn,” Green said. “He crossed the center line and I stopped him. I asked for his drivers license and he said he didn’t have it with him.”


According to the police report, Joshua Thomas Smith was arrested for driving while his license was suspended.


“At that time he informed me that his dad was a council member,” Green said. “I replied, the law’s for everybody and it doesn’t matter who your dad is.”


The councilman never called, instead, City Attorney Larry Vickers called, according to Green.


“He was saying I had no reason to arrest him, and that you need to drop your ticket and he needs to be released from jail immediately, ” Green said. “The mayor told me you’re lucky we don’t have a lawsuit on our hands because you had no reason to arrest him.”


The mayor would not talk on camera and referred 40/29 News to the city attorney.


Vickers told 40/29 News by phone that Green stopped the driver solely because she was told to by another officer. Vickers said he dropped all charges against Smith.


“I didn’t think Vian was like that,” Green said. “The city attorney has no business telling you who you can and can’t arrest.”


Green resigned after other city leaders told her the city council was going to vote to fire her, according to Green.


The mayor told 40/29 News that firing the department’s only female officer was never discussed and it was never placed on the agenda for the council meeting.


Green told 40/29 News, looking back, she would not have handled the arrest any differently.


“I’m at peace because I know I did my job,” Green said. “I took an oath to do my job.”



Unfortunately this is a he says, she says situation and I would have left the ticket in place with a court date. If the ticket was removed from prosecution, I would have sort out the judge and asked his advice on how to proceed with the arrest. If he told me to drop it, I would have complied and made note of the time and date, with his name. Unfortunately small towns are still old boy country clubs and don’t change until the council agrees to keep its’ nose out of police business and puts in in writing. It is unfortunate that this occurs, but we are a product of our own making and sometimes it just hangs like a foul odor in the air.

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