VIDEO: Thanks, TSA!

The TSA is a very expensive joke.

The easiest way to tell is all the people from other countries in U.S. airports that are either laughing or shocked at what we’re willing to put up with in the land of free, home of the brave.

Another way to tell is the fact that the TSA fails 95 percent of airport security tests conducted by the Homeland Security.

So, why do they suck at what they do—ostensibly keeping guns and bombs and knives off commercial flights?

Could part of the problem be that the folks working at TSA—many of whom couldn’t pass the psych evaluation at Target—spend too much of their time feeling up 10-year-old girls, the elderly, and disabled veterans?

The answer seems to be “of course, but who cares?”

Because what’s really important is the illusion of security, not actual security.


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