VIDEO: Cool, Calm, Collected

Everyone seems to be talking about how no one wants to be a cop anymore.

The reasons are many. For instance, a career in law enforcement no longer comes with the promise of a decent retirement with a livable pension, due to the political powers that be.

Additionally, it’s always been a thankless and extremely dangerous way to earn a living.

Throw incidents like Ferguson and the murders of officers in Dallas and it’s hard to see why young people might choose a different line of work.

One of the things not too many people mention in these discussions is just how hard it is to do something as seemingly simple as handing out a traffic citation.

The lady in this video is the kind of basket case that cops have to deal with regularly.

It ain’t easy. But the officer writing her up gives a master class in how to keep one’s head when someone is flipping the hell out over nothing.

Give this man a raise.


The officer remained professional , calm and attempted to make her life easier . He was amazing ! She distorted what she heard and escalated her own problems. I worry about the officers , heart hate , blood pressure and the amount of stress he had to endure at what should have been an easy stop . Multiply this incident and much worse over the course of a career and you can understand the toll it takes on the health of the officer and the resultant effects on his family . I’d give him a medal for modeling excellent control and doing his job with integrity. Marla Friedman- Police Psychologist .

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