VIDEO: Dealing With Angry Citizens

In the old days when a cop would ask someone for their ID, the citizen would almost always comply—unless, of course, they were the mayor or a friend of the boss and just wanted to be on their way.

But these days “constitutional American patriots” and other “don’t tread on me!”  types are increasingly challenging officers’ authority.

Americans are increasingly distrustful of their government. As cops are generally the points of contact between the government and the citizens, they wind up on the receiving end of a lot of pent up aggravation, aggression, and frustration.

It doesn’t help that there’s so much confusion about basic questions like “do people have to show their ID to police officers when asked to do so?”

In the video, a rather strange and uncooperative man makes it virtually impossible for a police officer responding to a report of a potential burglary to get any information from him.

And this is why so many young cops are literally begging for de-escalation training and “verbal judo.”

The painful fact is, these situations are becoming increasingly common, and right now cops just aren’t armed with the tools they need to prevail in these encounters.

So, grab a piece a paper and a pen and write down what you would do and say differently as the situation continues to escalate.


Report of a potential burglary, what shite. Dumb cop needs to keep it simple, explain the transparent reason for the pullup if it is true. But it sounds like shite to me, go hassle the reportee if he/she is real. Stupid reportees who wanna play this shite should tag and or investigate cos someone could get hurt over stupid vexing shite like this

that man was a STRANGER to that cop. the assumption can be warrants outstanding unless checked. the man knew the cop had a job but the officer didn’t know if the man on foot had a job. he has EVERY RIGHT to be curious.

the gift of gab might be from God if there is one. humans for sure go ****uncooperative**** for no good reason. with me I would offer the uniformed man scampi at home. Humans aren’t even Educated by the associated press to know we have 3 sets of legislators. Dead ones in DC wrote the constitution and they don’t pay officers cities and states do.

Well, as a twenty year veteran, now retired Cop, I have mixed emotions about this Video. From what we have seen and heard, it appears that the Officer was polite and in his rights to ask for ID. I never heard a valid reason why he was stopping the Subject, maybe I just missed it. What I would have done, as a Patrolman, was to request a Supervisor on the scene. That way, if the Shit Hit The Fan, the two patrolman would have witnesses and be covered. On the other hand, the Subject was polite enough, but should have at least provided some ID showing he lived in the area. So, was the Subject arrested, or what? What’s the rest of the story, anybody know?

It sounds like they went to force at the end of the video…So I assume he was taken into custody. This situation should have been handled different…If the officer led the initial contact with informing the subject that there was a recent burg in the area and he was going around verifying who and why people are in the area, I am sure it would have gone differently (verbal judo is a big game changer). However that was not stated until well after the contact was made and to me, the burg was not brought up to imply that is why the contact was initiated…I actually never heard the officer state any reason for the contact that had legal grounds for ID to be given over. A consensual encounter is what I get from the video, but a consensual encounter is just that…Consensual…If the subject refuses to give ID and walks away, he is well within his rights….especially if the officer had no legal reason, nor informed the subject of any such reason in a valid way to make it understandable anyways, to detain the subject…just my two cents…not all situations are the same, but this could have been dealt with in a manner which could have ended with better results…

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