VIDEO: Harvey’s Horrific Aftermath

We received this message from a Houston resident and longtime reader of American Police Beat:

I thought APB readers would like an update on conditions in Houston. Things are weird and crazy. People are traumatized. FEMA is a nightmare as you can imagine.


Insurance checks are being stolen from people’s mailboxes.


We have to drive carefully because everyone is in a daze and not aware of their surroundings.


Debris in my neighborhood finally got picked up. Glad of that because it smelled. The mold spore count is outrageous. Everyone is sick from it.


They are bringing in new cars everyday. Two dealerships near my home lost their entire inventory. Over 700,000 cars were estimated destroyed. Hard to find a rental car in the area. Not sure what they are going to do with all the trashed cars. The garbage from this flood is extensive.


We need biodegradable cars, I guess.


The arts community got hit bad. The Houston Opera and the Symphony are using the University of Houston for performances. It may take years for those venues to be suitable for occupancy.


Many of my friends lost their homes. They are living with family, friends, or apartments. There are long lines just to get into Home Depot or Lowe’s. Sheetrock is hard to find and expensive. Grocery stores still aren’t fully stocked. Prices on everything have gone up.


People panic every time it rains now. Crazy to observe. We actually got mail delivery on Sundays and on Labor Day because the postal service was trying to catch up.


The City of Houston lost fire trucks and police cars. The mayor has been threatening a tax hike to pay for all of it. In the long run, we will be paying for Harvey for years and years to come.

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